What our Clients Are Saying…

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Life changing!!! I have been instructed by Jordan for over 2 years in yoga and am amazed at what it has done for my mind, body, and soul. She has taught basic to advanced poses, and seems to teach a new pose every session. Great instructor that knows when I question a pose and can give instructions on adjusting a pose if I'm not in correct form. I wish I had been taught this from her many years ago, thank you Jordan! - Jimmy R.

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I feel stronger, more flexible and always more relaxed after a work out. I have less back pain, more mobility in my feet, legs and hips, and no foot pain first thing in the morning when I get out of bed. I love being able to move freely and with out pain. I do notice when I've missed classes!! (Essentrics) is a really low impact work out that's easy to catch on to and continue. Mary T.