General Studio Policies

  • All new students are required to complete a waiver of liability before taking class. We suggest coming 10 minutes early for your first class to allow time to fill it out and settle in to the studio.

  • We kindly ask that all clients arrive for class at least five minutes early to settle in, grab any props they may need, and inform the instructor of any injuries or health concerns they may have before class starts.

  • All Foundation Movement & Yoga instructors reserve the right to ask students not to participate if they arrive to class more than five minutes late— as it disrupts the flow of the class and missing the opportunity to warm up can result in injury.

  • Please silence all mobile devices before class and store them off main floor area.

    • If you have a special circumstance that requires keeping your silenced phone nearby, please let your instructor know before class begins.

  • We do allow younger students (age 18 and under) to participate in classes and workshops at Foundation Movement & Yoga under the following circumstances:

    • They are mature enough to fully participate in class without disruption.

    • They have a waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian prior to participating in class.

    • If they are under the age of 14, they must have a parent or guardian participating with them in the same class.

  • Anyone with medical conditions or injuries should consult a doctor prior to participating in classes and workshops. It is your responsibility to inform the instructor if you are pregnant or have any injuries prior to the start of class.

  • Foundation Movement & Yoga is not responsible for the safekeeping of your belongings.

  • We highly encourage clients to register for classes ahead of time in order for us to quickly and directly communicate all last-minute schedule changes to those planning to attend.

  • We reserve the right to cancel or change classes based on various factors such as--but not limited to-- lack of numbers (i.e. no formal bookings), environment (i.e. unsafe weather, space limitations), instructor availability, etc.

  • Any movement performed in class should not hurt (meaning any shooting, electric, or tingling sensations); the dull ache/burn of working muscles is all you should experience during classes with us.

    • We always encourage you to listen to your body and take the appropriate modifications. Please ask your instructor after class if you need clarifications or are experiencing pain during your movement.

Inclement Weather policy

In the event of inclement weather, we will do our best to communicate class cancellations as early as possible. If you are signed up for a cancelled class on MindBody, we will remove the class from the schedule and email you directly about our decision. All other notifications will be made via our social media platforms- Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Cancellation Policy

  • If you are registered for a weekly class and are unable to attend, we kindly ask that you cancel your reservation at least one hour prior to the class start time on MindBody to allow others the opportunity to attend. Any payments made to reserve your spot (i.e. drop ins, class pass credits, etc.) will remain on your account and can be used for another day/time.

    • Please note: We do not offer refunds for missed classes but will happily re-purpose your payment if you cancel in a timely manner. If you are having trouble completing a cancellation on MindBody, please call or email the studio and we will gladly assist you.  Any cancellation requests received after the class has happened will not be honored for account credit.

  • Please cancel all private sessions at least 24 hours in advance. We will happily repurpose your payment for another day and time or issue a refund minus a 20% administration fee. Missed private sessions will not be refunded.

  • If you sign up and pay for a workshop and are unable to attend, please contact us to cancel at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled time of the workshop. If your request for cancellation is received within the 48-hour period that is required you can get a refund minus a 20% administration fee, or you can get a full refund credited to your MindBody account (this credit can be used toward any purchase).

    • If we receive your cancellation request less than 48 hours prior to the scheduled workshop a refund will not be possible. Cancellation requests must be made by phone or email. Absence to a workshop is non-refundable. If you cancel on the day of the workshop or after it has taken place, a refund or credit will not be possible.

    • Workshops are occasionally cancelled due to insufficient interest, teacher emergency, or inclement weather—if we cancel, you will be notified via email and you can either re purpose your payment to your next purchase, or get your payment fully refunded.

Payment Policies

  • All Clients must keep a credit card with up-to-date billing info on their account in good standing or their account will be placed in inactive status.

  • All payments and fees are due in full at the time of registration or class time. Students with past-due accounts will not be permitted to take class.

  • All sales are final. Please be sure that you can attend classes, workshops and/or be able to use your memberships in the time allotted. We do not offer refunds of classes, memberships or workshops purchased.  It’s your responsibility to read our guidelines before purchasing. Non-use of services are not grounds for a refund. In some instances, per our discretion we will apply a credit to your account. 

  • Class Passes and monthly memberships may not be shared by clients.

  • Foundation Movement & Yoga is in no way, under any circumstances, responsible or obligated to pay for member’s insufficient fund penalties, returned checks, and/or over the limit fees.


  • Member Registration Fee- $35

    • This is a ONE-TIME registration fee when purchasing an AutoPay Membership. If you cancel your membership and then join again at a later date, the Member Registration Fee will be applied to re-join.  

  • NSF Fee- $25

    • Non-sufficient funds on auto-debit or auto-credit will incur a $25 NSF Fee. It is your responsibility to update your card on file before your scheduled pay date.

    • If an account is delinquent for 30 days, the appropriate collections agency will be contacted, and a 35% collection fee will be applied.


Foundation Movement & Yoga uses email as a primary form of communication. We ask that you keep a valid email on file at all times, so we are easily able to get ahold of you for any last-minute changes to the schedule or account updates. Please be sure to add the Foundation M/Y email to your email contacts